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These are my customisations for making vimperator (firefox plugin) more sane.

# set GUI options.
:set go+=mTB

# make auto complete work.
:set wildoptions=auto

# allow ctrl+k to get to search bar.
:noremap <C-k> <A-d><Tab>
:inoremap <C-k> <A-d><Tab>

# make copy-past work as expected.
:noremap <C-c> <C-v><C-c>
:noremap <C-v> <C-v><C-v>
:inoremap <C-c> <C-v><C-c>
:inoremap <C-v> <C-v><C-v>

# allow select all in text boxes.
:noremap <C-a> <C-v><C-a>
:inoremap <C-a> <C-v><C-a>

# make it still possible to stop page load:
:noremap <C-d> :stop<CR>
:inoremap <C-d> :stop<CR>

# make undo work nicely in text boxes.
:inoremap <C-z> <C-v><C-z>

# save config.

"2.1 (created: 2009/05/21 13:13:06)

inoremap <C-c> <C-v><C-c>
inoremap <C-v> <C-v><C-v>
inoremap <C-z> <C-v><C-z>
inoremap <C-a> <C-v><C-a>
inoremap <C-d> :stop<CR>
inoremap <C-k> <A-d><Tab>
nnoremap <C-k> <A-d><Tab>
nnoremap <C-c> <C-v><C-c>
nnoremap <C-v> <C-v><C-v>
nnoremap <C-d> :stop<CR>
nnoremap <C-a> <C-v><C-a>
noremap <C-k> <A-d><Tab>
noremap <C-c> <C-v><C-c>
noremap <C-v> <C-v><C-v>
noremap <C-d> :stop<CR>
noremap <C-a> <C-v><C-a>
set guioptions=rbmTB
set "runtimepath=C:\\Documents and Settings\\haku\\vimperator"
set wildoptions=auto
vnoremap <C-k> <A-d><Tab>
vnoremap <C-c> <C-v><C-c>
vnoremap <C-v> <C-v><C-v>
vnoremap <C-d> :stop<CR>
vnoremap <C-a> <C-v><C-a>
source! "C:\\Documents and Settings\\haku\\_vimperatorrc.local"

" vim: set ft=vimperator: