CC 3.7 Skills

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Major Change: Skill Synergies

Removed, Replaced with feats.

Major Change: Cross Class Skills

All cross class skills have a maximum level of half of your class skill level rounding down and cost 1 skill point per level.

Cross Class Skill Maximums

A character has a cross class maximum of half of their normal skill maximum. If you put a level into a class which has one of your cross class skills as a class skill then the first level in that class raises the maximum by 3 (to a maximum of 3+your total level). Subsequent levels in that class increase it by one, whilst subsequent levels in a class without it as a class skill raise the maximum by half a point,as normal. If you put a level into a third class which has that skill as a class skill it only raises the maximum by one.


A fifth level fighter has a cc max of 4. Putting a level into bard raises his max ranks in tumble to 7. Putting a level into monk after that would only raise his max ranks in tumble to 8. If he then put a level into fighter his max ranks in tumbe would be 8 ½ at a character level of 8 (with a normal maximum of 11 for pure class skills)

Speak Language

Speak language still works in the same manner it did before, costing two skill points to learn a new language for anyone who does not have it on their class skills list, and one point for those who do. If you put a level into a class that has speak language as a class skill then for that level speak language costs 1 point. If after that level you put a level into a class which did not have it as a class skill then for that level it costs two skill points.

It costs 1 skill point for a barbarian to become literate.

Major Change: Disguise (Int)

The Disguise skill now runs off of intelligence primarily as that covers the general creation of the guise. Anyone attempting to act as though they are the person they look like has to make bluff checks or perform_(acting) rolls to persuade an onlooker that they are who they claim. Disguise can also cover hiding large objects as scenery in an urban setting, or making backdrops for a play. For hiding things in a wilderness setting and the creation of hides and the like see the survival skill.