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Quilage is a passive RPG based on the player's real life movements, as tracked by their mobile phone.


The idea of Quilage is to play an RPG based on your movements in real life. To play the game you run the Quilage app on your phone, which uses GPS and mobile internet to participate in a truly global game.

At this moment the project is still in early days, but we are making good progress and hope to have something worth beta testing soon. As they say, "Watch this space".

This project is only called Quilage until we can think of a better name.

Who is involved?

Quilage is developed by @aefaradien and @cminion.

Data storage and privacy

Our objective is to never store any personal data that could be connected to a specific user. The only exception to this is the collection of messages posted to the twitter stream.

I say "object" because we are still in early development - if we make any mistakes, please accept our apologies. This is a learning experience for all of us. We will endeavour to be as open and transparent about data storage as possible.

How it works (at the moment)

Quilage consists of two main components: a client that runs on an Android phone and a web-server back-end.


The client runs on the user's phone and every 15 min turns on the GPS to get a location fix. When it has successfully got a fix, it compares it with the last location fix and uploads the result to the server.


When the server receives an update from a client, it compares the two location fixes and generates a twitter post along the lines of:

"bob walked for 2.52 km in a SE direction"

As well as posting to twitter, the server also stores certain anonymous data so that interesting maps can be built up over time.

If a user stays in the same place for two consecutive updates, the server marks this place as a location and assigns it a generated name with the structure "<adverb> <verb>". Examples include "happy forge" and suspicious hotel. This will then result in a twitter post such as:

"bob is eating lunch at the happy hotel"

User requirements

  • An Android phone with GPS and a data contract.
  • A sense of humor.

Development road map

Main page: Quilage Development


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