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Over the years, many people have boldly ventured forth into the maelstrom world of Lost Souls. The world has shaped many heroes who have in turn shaped the world in which they persist. This is their tale.

Styles and Themes

The aim of this document is to carry the history forth the illuminated history of Lost Souls, as would be known by any well travelled bard with a passion for history. The desired style is for the history to be written as told by a series of bards across the taverns of the world. Personal accounts from the point of view of PCs and NPCs are greatly encouraged. Capturing the different points of view around each event would be awesome. Stories should be plausible, but it is a given that they will be embellished, manipulated for political reasons, or just inaccurate due to lack of ken, hazy memories, temporal anomalies or just pain wyrd.

This work can only come about by contribution from all visitors to Lost Souls. If you are one such then please feel welcome to add whatever you can. The more experiences that are combined, the richer the texture of this work will be.

Scope: this is not intended to be a detailed character history. Please do not contribute any 'secret' information.

We don't yet know what sort of structure this page will take, so feel free to add sections and just dump bits of stories - others will organise it later. For example the stories could be organised chronologically, geographic region or by plot, but don't worry about that now, we can work this out as we go along. Current link structure obviously a work in progress....

Significant Elements of the Inner Kingdoms





Building characters

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