CC 3.7 Races

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Ages 16-75

Speed: 30ft Size: Medium

Quick to master: 1 bonus feat, +4 skill points at first level, +1 skill point per level after 1st.

Cosmopolitan: +2 racial bonus to diplomacy

Racial Polyglot: may learn any language present in an area except secret languages.


Age 25-275

+2 Dexterity. -2 Constitution.

Speed: 30ft Size: Medium

Sleeplessness: Immune to all sleep effects. +2 racial saves vs enchantment.

Elven Weapon Familiarity: proficiency with the elven racial weapons group.

Keen Senses: +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search and Spot.


Age 20-300

+2 Constitution. -2 Dexterity.

Speed: 20ft Size: Medium

Darkvision 60ft

Sturdy: A Dwarf is capable of moving his normal maximum speed when wearing armour or encumbered due to weight. other restrictions to his movement still apply and a dwarf must still be able to lift the load she is carrying. Dwarves are also counted as "unusually stable".

Stonecuning: A Dwarf gains a +4 racial bonus to appraise, craft and knowledge checks when dealing with stonework. A Dwarf always knows how deep she is underground and is always able to retrace his steps in underground settings. Dwarves still get lost in forests or other rural settings.

Dwarven Weapon Familiarity: Proficiency with the dwarven racial weapons group.

+2 Racial Saves vs poison and spells.


Age 16-140

+2 Dexterity. -2 Strength.

Speed: 20ft Size: Small

Small: +1 attack, +1 Armour Class, +4 to hide, Lift and carry capacities are 3/4 normal.

Lucky: +1 luck to all saves

Good Aim: +1 luck to hit with slings and thrown weapons

Fearless: +2 racial bonus on saves vs fear

+2 Racial bonus to Listen, Climb, Jump, Move Silently


Age 18-120

-2 Strength, -2 Wisdom, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma

Speed: 20ftSize: Small

Small: +1 attack, +1 Armour Class, +4 to hide, Lift and carry capacities are 3/4 normal.

spell like abilities: Gnomes gain the following spell like abilities (DC10 + charisma mod + spell level) Dancing lights, Ghost sound, Prestidigitation and a special speak with burrowing animals which lasts one minute.

Illusion Focus: +1 to the DC's of any illusion spell and +2 to saves vs illusion.

Weapon Familiarity: Gnomes treat the hooked hammer as a simple weapon rather than an exotic.

+2 racial bonus to listen, spot and knowledge arcana.

Low light vision


Age 17-80

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence

Speed: 30ftSize: Medium

Oversized build: A Minotaur may wield weapons one size category too large without penalty.

Blessing of the Labrys: Minotaurs are immune to maze spells and effects. A Minotaur will never be "lost" except in extreme circumstances.

+1 Natural Armour

+2 Racial bonus on Search and Survival

Darkvision 60ft

Gore: a Minotaur has a powerful gore attack which deals 2d6 damage with full strength bonus. This is a natural attack.


Age 14-65

+2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence

Speed: 30ftSize: Medium

Weapon Familiarity: a Mossos receives improved unarmed strike as a bonus feat at first level.

Improved lung capacity: a Mossos may hold it's breath for 5x longer than normal.

+2 Natural Armour

+4 racial bonus to swim and balance. A Mossos may always take 10 on swim.