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Argh, Sam's posting reminded me that I said I was going to type up my variant sorceror rules.... and I had forgotten. In any case, here is the current verson of them, though I'm currently thinking of putting in some random circumstance bonuses to make the talents more pronounced.... and adding in yet more item use restrictions.


Sorcerors may not use scrolls, wands, some rods, some staffs or spellbooks. Sorcerors may not create scrolls, wands, rods, staffs or certain rings. Spellcraft is not a class skill anymore, and they may not cast spells from all schools of magic. Use Magic Device for certain class combinations can get around some of these restrictions. Sorcerors are in some cases not assumed to be able to read.

Talent Points

Sorcerors gain 6 TP at first level, and 2 TP at levels 5, 10, 15 etc. These can be saved, but can only be spent on gaining a level.

Costs: Conjuration, Evocation and Transmutation cost 3 TP per rank. Each point buys levels 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9 respectively. Abjuration, Enchantment and Illusion cost 2 TP per rank. Each point buys levels 1-4 and 5-9 respectively. Necromancy and Divination cost 1 TP per rank.


0: Ability

1: Awareness

2: Knowledge

3: Power

4: Mastery

5: Transcendence

The sorceror gains a +1 to ECL for spells of that school per rank.


This grants the sorceror the ability to know and cast spells of that school. All sorcerors must have some magical ability (duh.) and so must spend at least one TP at first level.


This allows the sorceror to take the Spellcraft skill for that school, as well as giving a +2 competence bonus to all saves against that school and spellcraft rolls relating to that school. Requires Charisma 11 and at least one spell of that school known.


This gives the sorceror one more spell known per level in which he can cast spells in each school which has this trait. These must be noted separately, and can be changed each level if necessary. Note: if there are not enough spells of a school, I do not consider sorcerors to need a lab to research new spells. Requirements: Charisma 13 and four spells of that school known (and no using it to fill its own requirements).


The spells marked out may be cast an extra time each day, with maximisation, enlargement or empowerment added with no level cost, caster's choice which. Knowledge of the relevant metamagic feat is not required. Requirements: Charisma 15 and a minor magical item of that school personally constructed (ask DM about what is minor).


Ability to use other spell lists when choosing spells. One spell per level each level gained can be "swapped" in this way :D. Gain knowledge of another spell per level which may be used for the Power ability (this does not result in being able to use the third rank more often). Requirements: Charisma 17 and at least one medium magical item of that school personally constructed (ask DM about what is medium). DM may require additional steps before you may master some schools.


Gain spell resistance 20 + caster level verses spells of this school. Metamagic feats cost one less to apply (minimum of +1 per metamagic feat applied). Requirements: Charisma 19, at least one major magical item of that school personally constructed (ask DM about what is major) and DM's Requirement for the school.