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Over the years, many people have asked "Why call it RABIES?" or "What does RABIES stand for?". In order that people may be more informed and enlightened, I thought it might help if we compiled a single list that we can point people at. I hope it will prove useful to people.

  • Random Archaic Bums Ignoring Everyone
  • Random Assortment of Burly Inuit/Egyptian Shoggoths
  • RABIES Acronyms are Becoming Increasingly Extremely Silly
  • Riding Angry Bears Isn't Exactly Safe
  • Raving Aliens Bring Intelligent Extra-terrestrial Species
  • Randy Aardvarks Bathing In Eel Soup
  • Roger Armstrong Bought Interesting English Slaves
  • Randy Armadillos Buggering Indigenous Engorged Squirrels
  • Robotic Armoured Badgers Intercepting Escaping Spaceships
  • Really Awesome Barbeque Involving Erotic Situations
  • Random Assosicated Beings Involved in Entertaining Shenanegans

T-Shirts and Logos


RABIES 4 (2008) had a silly logo at the top of the forum thread.


RABIES 5 (2009)

RABIES 5 has T-Shirts: RABIES5-tshirt.png

RABIES 8 (2012)


RABIES 9 (2013)

RABIES-2013-t2.png RABIES-2013-t3.png