Morrigan server quick start guide

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  • Uncompress the download in a directory of your choice, such as ~/opt/.
$ cd ~/opt/
$ unzip


  • Start screen.
  • cd into install directory (this bit is important - will fix this defect at some point).
  • Execute 'morriganserver'.
  • The HTTP interface will listen on port 8080 (at the moment this is not configurable).
$ screen
$ cd ~/opt/morrigan-server
$ ./morriganserver

Create DB

Create the first database and add a directory to it. Multiple directories can be added. The request a scan to update that library.

osgi> mn media create mymusic
osgi> mn media add /home/me/media/music mymusic
osgi> mn media scan mymusic


Use the Android client. Or alternatively:

osgi> mn play mymusic

For more commands:

osgi> help

Pulse Audio without X11 on Ubuntu

Change the way Pulse Audio starts.

sudo vi /etc/default/pulseaudio

Add user to access group:

sudo usermod -a -G pulse-access haku

Remember: log out and in again.

Also useful to know: Pulse logs to '/var/log/syslog'.

Pulse can be tested with:

gst-launch filesrc location="/home/haku/file.mp3" ! decodebin ! pulsesink