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Code Licence Warning

Please do NOT commit any code that is not compatible with Apache License 2.

Specifically, this mean that any code Licensed under GPL should not be committed. If you are not sure, please ask before committing.

Setting up a Morrigan development environment

This assumes you have access to the Morrigan SVN.



  • Use the "SVN Repository Exploring" perspective and add the Morrigan repository location.
  • Check out the projects you require from the trunk branch.
net.sparktank.morrigan required Core code.
net.sparktank.morrigan.gui required RCP GUI.
net.sparktank.morrigan.wui required Web UI project.
net.sparktank.morrigan.hotkeyimpl.jintellitype required on win32 Hotkey engine.
net.sparktank.morrigan.hotkeyimpl.jxgrabkey required on linux Hotkey engine.
net.sparktank.morrigan.playbackimpl.dsj required on win32 Direct Show playback engine. required on linux GStreamer playback engine.
net.sparktank.morrigan.playbackimpl.jmf required on OSX JMF playback engine. optional Project graphics and artwork. optional Build and package system.
net.sparktank.morrigan.playbackimpl.spi optional Native Java playback engine (incomplete).
net.sparktank.morrigan.test optional Random and mostly project test stuff.
  • Copy the file "net.sparktank.morrigan/" to your eclipse home directory (next to eclipse.exe) and edit it to point at the correct parts of your workspace.
    • (TODO more detail needed?)
    • This is required because Morrigan will look for it in its runtime root directory. When Eclipse runs an RCP project it uses its own runtime. When Morrigan is packaged up for distribution it contains its own runtime.
  • From the package explorer, run the following ant files:
    • net.sparktank.morrigan/morrigan.engines.stubs.xml
    • Select all morrigan projects and refresh them together.
    • net.sparktank.morrigan.hotkeyimpl.jintellitype/makejar.xml (win32 only)
    • net.sparktank.morrigan.hotkeyimpl.jxgrabkey/makejar.xml (linux only)
    • net.sparktank.morrigan.playbackimpl.dsj/makejar.xml (win32 only)
    • (linux only)
    • net.sparktank.morrigan.wui/build.xml
    • Select all morrigan projects and refresh them together.
  • You should now be able to start Morrigan by running the product net.sparktank.morrigan.gui/net.sparktank.morrigan.gui.product as an Eclipse application.