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Epic Questers <INSERT WORD HERE>

  • Run in the phones background posting to twitter
  • Log the distance travelled every 30mins
  • Log when the user has not moved outside of a 500m area for more then 30mins.
  • Store randomly generated location names
  • Add tacky RPG puns to where the user is and how he is traveling


FIRST Create an SVN repo

In no order

  • Ongoing, find a better name / Icon
  • Create the interfaces for working with the N95's GPS and Androids GPS
  • Create the interfaces for sending the messages to twitter, either by web request or by txt message
  • Create the methods for determining direction and distance traveled
  • Create the gui including setup for the twitter login details/phone number to txt
  • Create the local methods for writing to disk the name of locations stopped at
  • Maybe look at setting up an online version for many people to use the same packages

Ideas to look at in the future

  • Detecting if you are within 500m of someone else running this app and so announce they are in party.
  • Customizing how often it gets updated.