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This is a crazy, cinematic, dead fantasy inspired combat system.

The general idea

you have a number of "stun" points (sPoints) - the amount of hits you can take per turn - attacks to damage in sPoints.

you regain a certain number of sPoints per round. This basically represents how much you can 'get back up again'. When you hit 0 or less, you stay down for as many rounds as it takes you to regain back up to (above 0?? up to half max? or what???).

each turn you regain a number of "initiative points" (iPoints), up to your maximum.

to do something, you spend iPoints.

To damage, the iPonts cost of the attacking part of your action does the damage.

you attack roll is what % of your attack iPoints cause sPoint damage. perhaps roll a d10 and this is % in 10% increments.

on your turn (this defence method needs some thinking??) you can spend attack points to defend. the success of your defence is calculated in the same was as the attack.

I have no idea how you work out when the battle is over. Presumably its when one side retreats or you end up in a situation where you can just maintain your enemy at bellow 0 sPoints points.

perhaps there should be some mechanism that stops you spending more than a certain number of iPoints per round, controlled by your sPoint level.


I have no idea how much things should cost, so i have used variables in their place.

{i#} - spend iPoints cost. {s#} - take sPoints points damage.

Tiffa does a back flip, landing with her feet firmly on the wall {i0}. She then jumps, propels her self forward horizontally {i1}. As she leaps, she charges here [magical punch] {i2} and her fists glow brightly. There is a flash of light as she punches Ayane {i3}. She hits Ayane for {i1+i2+i3}={iT} iPoints of damage.

She then rolls a d10, and gets a 5. Ayane takes 50%{iT} sPoints of damage.

As the attack hits, Ayane can attempt to counter. She does this by prematurely spending iPoints (there should be some penalty here? perhaps can only spend half iPoints on defence?). Ayane uses [some mystic kata] to evade in a show of miniature, hexagonal force-walls {i4}.

The effectiveness of this defence is at the same (d10*10)%. She rolls a 2, so blocks 20% of damage.

At the end of this move, Ayane takes (i1+i2+i3)*0.5*0.2 points of damage to here sPoints track {s}.