CC 3.7 Gods

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Major Deities

Solun, Guardian of the Bridge

Lawful Good

Soluns Domains are Magic, Destiny, The White Moon

Soluns Favoured Weapon is the Morningstar

Soluns Paladins are expected to Oath to:

Slay those who would abuse magic's power for evil ends.

Reika, The Peaceful Waters

Neutral Good.

Reika's domains are Peace, Stars and Water

Reika's Favoured Weapon is the Rapier

Reika's Paladins are expected to Oath to:

Protect Families from the ravages of war and destruction.

Antibus, The One Between

Lawful Neutral

Antibus' domains are Life, Death, Disease

Antibus' Favoured weapon is the Staff

Antibus' Paladins are expected to Oath to:

Destroy evil undead and reclaim the mindless servants of death to aid the living

Protect, Shelter and teach young without parents or homes

Indus, The Forger

Lawful Neutral

Indus' domains are Construction, Earth, Wealth

Indus' Favoured weapon is the Hammer

Indus' Paladins are expected to Oath to:

Uphold and spread the laws of society to build a stronger community.

Mond, The Red Flame


Monds domains are Agriculture, Fire and Health.

Mond's Favoured Weapon is the Scythe

Monds Paladins are expected to Oath to:

Defend hearth and home.

Spread confidence and joy in the harvest.

Grund, The Warcalled Warrior

Chaotic Neutral

Grunds Domains are War, The Red Moon, Thunder

Grund's Favoured weapon is the Longsword

Grunds Paladins are expected to Oath to:

Root out and organise the destruction of those who would destroy your way of life.

Minor Deities

These are gods of lesser power, and their servants are actually less powerful than those of the major deities. They are not recommended for PC's.

The Watcher in the Night


Her Domain is Rain

Her Favoured weapon is the Dagger

The Master of Many Names

Chaotic neutral

His Domain is Air

His Favoured Weapon is the Gnomish Hooked Hammer

The Joybringer

Chaotic Good

His Domain is Mischief

His Favoured Weapon is the Sling